Welcome to GABRIELA PANDURU - International Fitness and Fashion Model-

Welcome to GABRIELA PANDURU - International Fitness and Fashion Model-

Welcome to GABRIELA PANDURU - International Fitness and Fashion Model-Welcome to GABRIELA PANDURU - International Fitness and Fashion Model-Welcome to GABRIELA PANDURU - International Fitness and Fashion Model-

About Me


Gabriela Panduru is an internationally published fashion and fitness model based in New York   with many years experience in  couture projects she has the pleasure to work 11th consecutive seasons with couture designer Alexandra Popescu York , she successfully  runway modeled for important international brands  ,  and her possesses ar the specific look  that many designers and fashion directors look for.

Gabriela is known  for being flexible, adaptable, very stylish, versatile, efficient, hard-working, good at taking directions and capable of wearing all types of clothing styles and she is a presence well known at  the best and  hottest events in New York socialite and fashion scene, where she love to meet and interact with people with same interests!

 She is a well known professional fitness competitor who achieves  12 fitness awards at the date and being interviewed and, published in prestigious magazine and website in fitness!!She is living a super healthy lifestyle,100%natural athletes, her discipline inspire many athletes and friends to change their lifestyle and become active!

Happy mind, body, and spirit is her motto and she guides her life around that, she is a motivational speaker and a promoter of positivity thinking,

Gabriela  is an active editorial  fashion model being  a cover model  and being  interview and, published by prestigious  magazine and website in fitness, runaway, video, catalogue and print modeling , her mission is to inspire women to follow their dreams, to use their energy and time for positive activities, to be independent but she promotes family value!!

She is also a known as a  successful creative director and general manager for the independent magazine Billie Blunt , magazine who was awarded the best independent magazine of the year in 2017 next to others awards, Model of the year -2019 from Miss Tourism Ambassador ,she is also a CEO of GLW Magazine a place where she can show her creativity and bring her amazing ideas for all of you fashion readers.

Gabriela's key skills are her amazing sense of style, her positive attitude, communication skills, ability to look fashionable all the time, great facial projection, tolerant and adaptable, excellent walking posture her  familiarity in different poses and her captivating personality

Her objective is to work in a fashion and fitness to utilize to skills to become a perfect link between the brands and their clients and promote and inspire woman every day, Gabriela passion is to give back to society and she works a lot of humanitarian projects with United Nations and other organizations who do charity work!

She love to volunteer frequently  at Chips -woman shelter in Brooklyn ,and help veterans or other charities 


 Hair:  Blonde
Eyes:  Brown
Height:  5,6
Bust: 34 C
Hips: 35
Waist: 28 
Weigt: 130
Dress Size :  2,4
Shoe Size: 5,6


Fashion Blogger, Fashion writer
General Manager 
Public Relations, Fashion Coordinator.

Fashion AWARDS


Fashion Excellence Award

Creative director ,General Manager for BB Magazine

Best Magazine Award


Best Runway Model